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In an ideal world, everyone would enjoy crystal-clear vision all the time with no need for contacts, glasses, or other corrective care. Many people struggle with refractive errors and other eye disorders that cause them to experience blurry vision. If you count yourself among them, you should know that Hester Eye Associates PC in Kennesaw, GA, can evaluate your vision and prescribe the appropriate treatment or management to help you see more clearly.

Blurry Vision

Possible Causes of Blurry Vision

Some common eye issues that can cause blurry vision include:

  • Refractive errors - An abnormally-shaped eyeball, cornea, or lens will refract incoming light incorrectly, blurring vision either at a particular distance (as in nearsightedness, presbyopia, and farsightedness) or at all distances (as in astigmatism).
  • Dry eye - If the eyes can't lubricate and hydrate themselves properly through tear production, you may experience blurry vision along with redness, irritation, and potential corneal damage.
  • Computer vision syndrome - Also called digital eye strain, this problem tires the eye muscles, interfering with their ability to maintain focus.
  • Cataracts - Cataracts interfere with the eye's ability to receive incoming light. The results may include, not just blurry vision, but also light sensitivity and other vision changes. Untreated cataracts can cause blindness.
  • Glaucoma - Another potential cause of blindness, glaucoma involves optic nerve damage due to high internal eye pressure. Symptoms can range from blurry vision to eye pain and loss of peripheral vision.
  • Irritations or injuries - eye allergies and infections can dry and irritate the eyes, resulting in blurred vision. An injury to any part of the eye can also blur your vision.

How Our Kennesaw, GA, Optometrist Can Help

A comprehensive eye exam and vision test can help our Kennesaw, GA, optometrist discover the reason for your blurry vision and then administer the proper treatment. For instance, you may benefit from eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct a refractive error, eye drops to manage dry eye, glaucoma medication, or cataract management eventually leading to a surgical referral. We can also make lifestyle recommendations to help relieve computer vision syndrome and other eye strain issues.

Schedule an Eye Exam for Your Blurry Vision Today

Don't let blurry vision keep you from working, reading, driving, and generally enjoying life. Contact our Kennesaw, GA, optometrist today to schedule an eye exam, and take the necessary steps to correct and preserve your eyesight.

We are open for all of your eye care needs!  If you have a medical eye issue and prefer not to come in the office, we still have Telemedicine appointments available to you.  Please call the office to set one up at (770) 590-8191. Thank you!

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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Hester was very thorough and realistic about my eye care. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I am so glad I switched eye doctors!"
    Karen P.
  • "It is always a pleasure going to Hester Eye Associates. Dr. Hester's staff (Amy, Kayla, and all the others) are outstanding and very friendly and helpful. Dr. Hester and his staff always explain every step of the eye exam process. I would highly recommend Dr. Hester and his office to anyone."
    Matthew R.

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